Meet the Founders

Amber Anderson


Amber Nicole Anderson is a trailblazer on a mission to inspire and empower young women throughout the City of Chicago. She is recognized by influential leaders and peers alike for her role model qualities, high potential, daring spirit, and commitment to excellence.   

Having witnessed the tremendous impact of her parents, both of whom are educators, on youths, Amber developed her own passion for community work and education, which has fueled her endeavors. She is the executive director and co-founder of the Black is Gold Organization, a non-profit, peer mentoring group for teen girls. She is also the founder and president of ANA's mentoring group, a program for middle school girls. Additionally, Amber is an active member of the Common Ground Foundation, the ASCEND Program, and the F.O.C.U.S Club at Kenwood Academy in Chicago. She is a member of her school’s student council, a writer for On the Money Magazine (a for teens. by teens publication), as well as a runway model who has been featured in fashion presentations with the RH School of Performing Arts, Kenwood Academy’s Elite Modeling Club, and on WCIU’s “The Jam.”  

Amber is an aspiring journalist with plans to double major in political science and journalism/broadcasting in college, minoring in African-American studies. She plans to continue leading the charge to prepare African-American girls for future success. 



Jillian Shogunle

Jillian Shogunle is a freshman at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff, majoring in Political Science. A young African American woman, looking to make a difference in her community. Along with making a difference, she has many interests, such as Styling ( directing photo shoots, and researching historical content.  She plans on becoming an attorney while having multiple businesses because she believes that having multiple sources of income, is one of the keys to becoming a millionaire. The average millionaire has at least 6 sources of income. Besides her business plans, she has a true desire to continue the legacy with her colleagues that they are building for the Black Is Gold Organization. 

Lailah Webster

Lailah Webster is a senior who attends Gary Comer College Prep. Born and raised on the South Side of Chicago. Her interest includes business, modeling, and hanging out with friends. While living in the inner-city she noticed that a lot of young girls struggle with being confident and having the resources they need in order to be successful, this inspired her to start the Black is Gold Organization with her fellow co-founders. She has future plans to attend Howard University or Spelman College in the fall of 2019.