Black Is Gold's First Annual Golden Fundraising Brunch

Stitch Me Loft, 329 W. 18th ST., Chicago, IL

Throughout the 2018-2019 school year, our students expressed a keen interest in wanting to tour Predominantly White Institutions as well as Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Students asked the organization to plan a college tour in order for them to get a taste of the college experience, however, many of our students and their parents are unable to financially contribute to college tours in Illinois and/or out-of-state. We are pleased to announce that in October we will be taking twenty of our students on a college tour to visit Hampton University, Howard University, Georgetown University, and American University. By participating in this college tour, our students will become more knowledgeable about universities out-of-state and can also assess their needs when considering the college of their choice. Our goal is to expose our students to various universities in Virginia & Washington D.C., while also visiting various tourist attractions in the District of Columbia and the state of Virginia. The Golden Fundraising Brunch will be an event where our supporters will be able to learn more about the organization and the impact we have made over the course of the last two years. All ticket proceeds and donations will go towards Black is Gold's 2019 College Tour. If you are interested in sponsoring our college tour please contact us via email at