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Our Mission


The Black is Gold Organization is a peer mentoring group for African-American teenage girls in the Chicagoland area. Our purpose is to help develop young African American women through a multitude of outlets, which include, community outreach, building sisterhood, hosting educational girl talks and workshops that help prepare young women for the workforce, college readiness, & empower young women. Throughout the city of Chicago and nationally, there are several mentoring groups and programs that are created for teenage girls, but not many are founded and executed by teenagers. In addition, many peer mentoring groups do not exist at the high school level.  

Girl Boss 101 Workshops

We provide our members with college and career readiness workshops, titled ‘Girl Boss 101’. A series of workshops that help prepare young women for the workforce and educates them on different career paths. In addition, we help them develop networking and professional skills that will assist them in the workforce and college.